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I'll be there (12K)
Moon river (17K)
My girl (7K)
Only you (25K)
Relfpass (19K)
Sot(I do't know) (26K)
anyother (40K)

    2 unlimited
    No limit (39K)
    Twlt zone (29K)

      Take on me (41K)

        Hole in your soul (39K)
        I am the city (7K)
        I wonder (23K)
        Just like that (36K)
        Knowing me, Knowing you (62K)

          Ace of Base
          All that she wants (24K)
          Don't turn arround (60K)
          The sign (28K)

            Air supply
            Goodbye (18K)
            Making love out of nothing at all (9K)

              All 4 one
              I swear (20K) Babara
              Memory (11K)

                Eternal flame (17K)
                Eternal flame (17K)
                Walk like an Egyptian (67K)

                  Bee Gees
                  How deep is your love (61K)

                    Boyz II Men
                    End of the road (25K)
                    End of the road (25K)
                    End of the road (13K)
                    I'll make love to you (39K)
                    I'll make love to you (40K)

                      C&C Music Factory
                      Everybody dance now (44K)

                        Celine Dion
                        The power of love (31K)

                          Gangsta's Paradise (34K) Fugees
                          Killing me softly (13K)

                            George Michael
                            Careless whisper (50K)
                            Careless whisper (55K)
                            Father figure (36K)
                            Feedom (65K)
                            Jesus to a child (22K)

                              Glenn Medeiros
                              Nothing's gonna change my love for you (35K)

                                Gloria Estefan
                                Reach (27K)

                                  Kate Bush
                                  Army dreamers (23K)
                                  Babooshka (16K)
                                  Cloud busting (58K)
                                  Under ice (10K)Peter Cetera
                                  Glory of love (70K)

                                  Phil Collins
                                  Against all odds (24K)
                                  Another day in paradise (36K)
                                  Another day in paradise (32K)
                                  Another day in paradise (23K)
                                  Do you remember (53K)
                                  Don't loose my number (48K)
                                  Easy lover (53K)
                                  Groovy kind of love (19K)
                                  I wish it would rain (6K)
                                  Inside out (37K)
                                  One more night (22K)
                                  Saturday night & sunday morning (52K)
                                  Take me home (77K)
                                  The west side (52K)

                                  Richard Marx
                                  Hazard (52K)
                                  Right here waiting (17K)
                                  Right here waiting (18K)

                                  Rick Astley
                                  Never gonna give you up (54K)

                                  Righteous Brothers
                                  Unchained melody (30K)

                                  Fading like a flower (32K)
                                  How do you do (12K)
                                  It must have been love (12K)
                                  Joyride (34K)
                                  The look (58K)

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                                  Rhythm is a dancer (32K)

                                  Kiss from a rose (25K)

                                  Sheryl Crow
                                  All I wanna do (70K)
                                  Make you happy (15K)

                                  Spice Girls
                                  2 become 1 (15K)
                                  Mama (43K)
                                  Say you'll be there (38K)
                                  Wannabe (34K)

                                  Can't help falling in love with you (36K)
                                  Red red wine (59K)

                                  Vanessa Williams
                                  Save the best for last (18K)
                                  williams (11K)

                                  Willson Phlips
                                  Release me (44K)

                                  Janet Jackson
                                  Again (18K)
                                  Any time any place (37K)
                                  Black cat (42K)
                                  Escapade (47K)
                                  That's the way love goes (49K)

                                  Lambada (37K)

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